Bathurst - 22nd July, 2017

Birds were liberated at 11:30am

Approx 121 Members sent approx 2687 birds to be liberated at Bathurst this week. Federation 2 Bird this week .Federation 5 bird nom will begin this week $20-00 entry section prizes. Federation Iron Bird will Begin 5th August from Manildra 1-10 birds nominated from race team .AUST & SRPF life bands are now available .

To the People who are posting on line unfavourable reports (Total Bulldust) of SRPF liberations will you in future supply photos to prove your information then we shall do the same. I am Sure with all you expertise you know how to use your mobile phone camera. People who want to know the truth please feel free to phone any of our flying members on our result file.Yes all those names are real members not made up.

We the Committee of the Southern Racing Federation Inc.        Rota Virus Up date     


Have been clear since the beginning that we're only here to look at the facts and get to the truth-free from propaganda,hype or agenda. We have not nor will we place on our web page unsubstantiated raves nor post any material which has not been proven which only creates fear and anxiety

We have come to the conclusion that the Rota Virus is at the moment unstopable And will infect every loft in Australia.I.E. it has traveled from West Australia to the East Coast (Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne/) and is now being found in some country towns. The Experts are as confused as we are as to the method of spread or the original source.

All the experts agree on one thing the birds in a well maintained loft not overstocked & kept in a healthy state. Will suffer less deaths. When the Virus enters the loft birds must be hydrated as much as possible.

The Virus when entering the loft will be very quick to take control killing within 3/4 days & will leave almost as quickly 6/7 days the birds then will very quickly recover their appetite & within 2 weeks will display a willingness to work as though they had only caught a cold supprising most of their owners.



SRPF Schedule 2017 West Route

Date Point   Special   Dist  Lib  Basket

3rd June    Bathurst                                                140kls     11-30          Fri
10th June   Bathurst              Fed 2 Bird                140kls     11-30          Fri
17th June    Orange                                                185kls     11-30          Fri
24th June    Orange                Fed 2 Bird               185kls     11-30          Fri
1st July       Manildra                                               225kls      11-30         Fri
8th July       Manildra               Fed 2 Bird               225kls      11-30         Fri
15th July     Bathurst                                                140kls      11-30        Fri
22nd July      Orange                                                 185kls     11-30        Fri
29th July       Manildra                                              225kls     11-30        Fri
5th August    Parkes   Fed Young Bird Masters      275kls     11-00        Fri
12th August   Parkes                                                 275kls     11-00        Fri
19th August   Parkes                                                 275kls      11-00       Fri
26th August    Condobolin                                         365kls       10-30       Fri
2nd Sept      Condobolin   Fed Sires/Blind Auction   365kls      10-30       Fri
9th Sept    Lake Cargelligo       Fed YBD                     435kls        8-00     Thurs
16th Sept   Lake Cargelligo   Fed Old Bird Masters   435kls        8-00      Thurs
23rd Sept   Hillston    Fed Fly Free Challenge            505kls         7-00    Thurs
30th Sept    Hillston     Fed Any Age Derby                 505kls         7-00    Thurs

Limit 25 Birds - Toss Birds allowed every week to  1st Condobin                                       $20-00 per Basket SRPF Members ONLY                                                                              

Toss Birds Will be released 1/2 hour after Race Birds

The Committee of the Southern Racing Pigeon Inc. would like to advise their members that at this moment the Fed WILL be going ahead with their race programme for 2017. We also invite new members to join us contact the secretary on 0414 629 534 space will be limited so first in best served.

The Southern Racing Pigeon federation Inc. Committee wish to advise all members of an addition to our rules

Rule  8 (3A) Moved at committee meeting 12/1/16 & accepted at the annual meeting on 27/2/16

Rule reads as:

That ALL monies owed by the members is to be paid in full to the secretary of SRPF prior to the member basketing his race birds for the 4th scheduled race each year.

All monies include money for all special races & fed fees.

Member failing to do this will be unable to compete in any race until all arrears are paid. The member will be taken from the result page & will NOT be awarded any points.

The Federation Committee wish To Welcome all our New Members & wish them all the Best in the comming Flying season. 


 SRPF information Line  02 8230 2023 for all race reports


Information for 2015


 Warning Anybody tossing with race bird liberations from this date on 23/7/2014It has come to the committees attention over recent weeks that there are some flyers that are intent in the disruption of our liberations by liberating toss birds at the same time from our liberation points.This action is viewed very seriously by your board as we have been entrusted by our members to ensure the safe and uninterupted liberation of our scheduled races.We have had to take unusual steps to avoid these irresponsible flyers and have been successful in the main but we can see the problem escalating. The perpetrators have been from our federation and other federations.We have no objections to flyers liberating 30 mins befor or 30 mins after but in no circumstances will we tolerate liberation at the same time.

The liberation of toss pigeons which by definition do not have the experience or race fitness have a tendency to mill around  at the race point and hold the competition birds back which result in excessive losses.We put a lot of effort in making sure that our members race pigeons have every opportunity and are not distracted. I also realise that this action is hard to stamp out with some pigeon flyers but we will try our hardest.

The following rules are to apply from this date forward.

 (1) Any SRPF member proven to have liberated toss pigeons at our scheduled race point at the same time will be BANNED from participating with the SRPF for a minimum of 2 YEARS. This to include any name from their current address. Members found to be sending birds with other flyers not SRPF members will be just as liable.

(2) Any Identified Flyer belonging to any other Federation will be BANNED from any participation in the SRPF or any race organised by the SRPF.This to include any name at their current address.

It is hoped that every member will understand the seriousness the Board veiws  this issue. 

Alex Azzopardi


on behalf of the Board Southern Racing Pigeon Federation Inc.


 New members & Clubs are welcome & may join a happy Federation now at our basketing centres Camden/Bringelly/Liverpool/Newway Sefton/Liverpool City/Baulkham Hills Invitation/Penrith Basket Centre/Moxham Road/Yagoona/Smithfield-Bossley Park/Ryde-Putney/Maroubra/Sutherland Invitation/ or by contacting our Secretary Ted Dubois mobile 0414 629 534  Email