Hawker - 22nd October, 2016 (Union Cup)

Birds were liberated at 7:15am

Lib Temp: 8 degrees Wind Direction: SSE Speed: 18 kph

Liberation Report

For the final race of the year from Hawker ( Union Cup), 22/10/16, 866 birds from 49 lofts together with WPF and Geelong birds for a total of some 2632 birds were released at 7:15am. Conditions at the race point were clear and sunny with SSE winds at 18km/ph. Upon release some 2000 birds cleared the race point within 4 minutes with the balance leaving within 10 minutes. For the trip home, the birds are expected to encounter mainly clear skies with some cloud and variable South to South/Westerly winds 10 km/p/h all the way to Melbourne. Don't forget production of clocks is from 7:00pm but by 8:00pm. All the very best to all.