SPF Federation Breeders Plate 2016



Nowra Poultry Pavillion 17 th January 2016.

Penning by 10.00 am Auction starts 11.00 am

Bidding starts at $10

Birds maybe bought back at a cost of $10 each.

Prize money % breakup 60%to the flyer and 40% to the breeder.

Flyers can take multiple prizes.

Prizes will be 1 in 6, ie. 6 x flyers 1 prize ;  12 x flyers 2 prizes; 18 x flyers 3 prizes. 

 All birds entered must be sighted and their ring numbers(2015) recorded in the Breeders Plate book prior to dropping a flight.

The Breeders Plate book must remain in the custody of the nominated official of the Federation at all times.

SPF will take 10% for Trophies and Admin costs


JEFF FORMOSA 0413234543