Broken Hill - 12th August, 2018

Sponsored by: Mount Jackson Lofts

Race complete. Results available.

Lib Temp: 2 degrees Wind Direction: South West Speed: 5 kms
Special Thanks to Broken Hill Pigeon Club for there hospitality and to Rob Graham and his partner for their assistance with the Broken Hill release. Well done to Rob White winning Broken Hill 817 Miles 1306 kms race and having only bird home in race time on the third day . 2348 RPC 17 bc hen has a lot of late Graham Percival from Gympie blood in her being old Brisbane blood , touch van custen from Colin Warwick Sydney and touch of Ted Lewis from Mackay blood .

Weather Report

clear morning

Liberation Report

Perfect release ,

Meet Bura Queen, 927 RPC 17 blue chquer hen , owner and breeder Kevin Temperley . Taking 2 months to get home from Burra 1000 miles 1601 kms , well outside race time , but never the less the single best proformance of a bird since John Pryor flew Brisbane to Adalaide in the late 1980s in which over 1000 miles in a straight line. 

 Well done Kev.