Yunta (SA) - 7th September, 2019 (Peterborough)

Birds were liberated at 7:30am

NSW Long Distance Federation Stock Bird Fundraiser Sale to start on the 20th May. Please go to Tim Fawcett's website - - to bid on the quality birds that have been donated by supporters of long distance racing.

Race Updates

Thursday 5th September 2019 2:48PM
The birds have been travelling and eating well at the designated stops. The scheduled feed today at Yunta is 3.30pm.
Thursday 5th September 2019 2:48PM
The liberation committee ( a delegate from each region) have had preliminary discussions and will link up again Thursday afternoon at 5 pm to discuss tomorrows liberation.
Thursday 5th September 2019 2:48PM
The liberation time will coincide with the AEST regardless of the time liberated in SA.
Friday 6th September 2019 2:41PM
Please note clock off rules apply the same as your federation. Multiple clocking applies maximum of 2 prizes per category per flyer
Friday 6th September 2019 7:52PM
We have changed the liberation spot to just outside Peterborough. It is on average about 50Kms further than Yunta. If you mouse click on the map you can zoom in to the liberation site. Street scape will give you an idea of the terrain

Liberation Report

Birds were liberated at 7.30am 50% cloud cover. Birds formed 1 kit anf circled liberation gradually making their east. Were out of sight in 15 minutes

Yunta Prize Schedule.pdf

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